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Mar 30, 2016
ReViral Scientific Advisory Board meeting

30th March, 2016, London

ReViral held its first Scientific Advisory Board meeting in London in March and was chaired by Fred Hayden (Prof Emeritus, University of Virginia). Attending were some of the leading figures in the field of viral respiratory diseases and included John DeVincenzo (Prof Paediatrics, University of Tennessee), Prof Rosalind Smyth (Director, Institute of Child Health, UCL), Mark Peeples (Prof Paediatrics, Ohio State University) and Prof Paul Griffiths (Centre for Virology, UCL).
Following a positive review of the preclinical efficacy and safety data for the lead RSV antiviral compound, RV521, the proposed clinical development programme was evaluated and endorsed. The ReViral team are currently on track to deliver their Regulatory submission allowing the first dose in man to take place in 3Q 2016.